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About Us

Mr. and Mrs. Doodlemaier (Dean and Helen, actually) were both born within weeks of each other in 1970. Both are libras, and both have spectacular green-hazel eyes. But aside from that, and their love for each other, they have surprisingly little in common. Maybe it’s that they are libras, after all: for balance, one must seek a complement. But there are times when it seems a stretch: he’s a Luddite, shuns computers and cellphones, and is most commonly found weeding the garden, tending his bees or creating various craft potables. She’s a technophile with one hand on the iPhone and the other on her laptop, but also has her creative pursuits including writing, knitting, embroidery, cooking and baking.

In 2004, the two melded their disparate but complementary interests into a surprisingly functional relationship, and they married in 2008. Six months later, they discovered they had melded something else: Valentine’s Day antics had led to a surprise pregnancy.

About the kids
To give them some modicum of privacy, our kids currently have the following net-onyms.

Elder Son: Helen’s son, born 1992. Currently a junior in high school. Loves sports, video games, Facebook, podcasts, action movies, and cheese.

Li’l D: Dean’s daughter, born 1998. Currently in 5th grade, and lives with her mom. Loves drawing, animals, virtual worlds, Sonic the Hedgehog, horror movies, and pointing out absurd things grown-ups do.

Jesse: Helen and Dean’s son, and yes, that is his real first name because this blog has become the place where extended family members check in on him–and get subjected to my various rants about natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and other topics that are for god-knows-what-reason controversial.
Other Characters

The Girls: Dean’s bees. Yes, he keeps a hive in the backyard. His companion blog on this and other permacultural matters is at Doodlemaier’s Half Acre. I think he forgot it’s a quarter acre. There’s nothing there yet anyway; as I mentioned, he’s a Luddite and shuns computers. Except when he doesn’t.

Ninacat, Codycat, and Rocket: Our three cats. Rocket is a stray who has adopted us; Elder Son and I raised Codycat from kittenhood but she’s half feral these days, not having taken well to Ninacat, who is queen and mistress of the entire household.

The In-Laws: Dean’s parents, who live about 10 miles from us.

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