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Two months and counting

January 17, 2010

I went back to work this week. In some ways, it went fantastic: I wasn’t late to work any day, pumping went great, I’m really happy with the day care arrangement we all worked out. In other ways, it didn’t: It looks like I may have to use bottles even on days I telework because Jesse still likes cluster feeding at the breast, and that just doesn’t work when I’m working; I found myself distracted by habits I’d gotten into while on leave that can’t continue while I’m working (oh hai @moshermama twitter stream); and getting back into the groove of a job I used to do seamlessly is proving to be paved with all manner of speed bumps that didn’t used to apply to me.

Jesse shocked me by sleeping through the night for the first time Sunday night, going down about 10:30 and waking up about 5:30. I was so expecting the 2-3 feeding that I was shocked when I found that I had slept nearly til the alarm, which was going off at 6. He’s doing this regularly, too, although Thursday and Friday he enacted some weird timeshift and woke us up at 4:30 both mornings. Ugh.

He doesn’t have his checkup until next week, but I think he weighs about 13 pounds already. Size 3 months is a wash; I’m glad they lasted 2, honestly.

Ok, that’s the Jesse update. Next up is another of my birth rant posts!

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