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37 weeks: I’m Full Term!

October 25, 2009

….which basically translates into incredibly slow moving and in a lot of pain in general, because my belly is so heavy and constantly going in and out of contraction-mode. I’ve had two episodes of false labor, with painful contractions that had some semblance of regularity but never broke the 7 minute threshold, and since I haven’t passed my plug to my knowledge and have no bloody show I wasn’t worried. Latent labor tends to last a couple of weeks for me and my girl-kin anyway, but in spite of all that I know he could show up any day now. I’m still hoping for an October baby, and sometimes I think he’s going to punch his way out of the amniotic sac himself (right now is one of those times, actually).

My cervix at checkup had progressed slightly from last week, to almost two cm. But I’m looking for that magic 3 number where I’ll feel comfortable that it’s really happening.

Annoyed at the hospital I’m delivering at for saying no visitors under 18 because of H1N1. This means that my stepdaughter and son won’t be able to meet their new sibling until I come home, which probably isn’t a big deal for my stepdaughter, but I really don’t want to go two days without my son coming to see me, since I’m his primary caregiver and all. And what *really* bothers me is that he’s getting vaccinated against H1N1, but it doesn’t seem like there is any clause exempting him as vaccinated.

Although with any luck, I’ll have this baby tomorrow or Monday before the policy takes effect.

As of Thursday I seem to have finally started retaining water and have the pregnancy edema that so many people complain about. I’m glad it came late, and that my urine is clear and my blood pressure is fine. During my first pregnancy, I was on the verge of pre-eclampsia for much of the last two months.

Today was a rainy day in Northern Virginia, and right now Dean and I both seem to have misplaced our umbrellas. As we ran errands, test drove cars (Dean totalled his back in August and now we’re looking to replace it), and whatnot we managed to time most of it so that we weren’t caught in the rain too bad, but then we went to the library and WHOOCH! there was no way to avoid the downpour aside from sitting in the car for… too long. So he says, “Shall we make a dash for it?”

I just looked at him. I’m about as capable of running at the moment as the Comcast turtles.

But I did find several first-year baby care books at the library book sale for dirt cheap. So it was worth getting pelted over.

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