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Brotherly Love and the Road Ahead

July 17, 2009

Elder Son announced to me today that under no circumstances does he ever want to have to change diapers. I hadn’t really planned on using him to babysit anyway, because I need for him to focus on school, but I’m a little dismayed by this–that there’s not even an inherent curiosity, and worried this will translate into his adulthood and he’ll make the same announcement to his future significant other someday.

There are going to be so many things about having two generations of children that I’m going to have to figure out. Even though I’m not the only person to go through this, the only people I know that have kids this far apart are typically fathers who don’t have their older children at home with them.

But on the bright side, we’re going to see Harry Potter tonight, assuming we can. Living in a small town has its advantages and disadvantages–less likely to sell out, but no way to know if it is without going down there.

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