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Week 23

July 12, 2009
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It’s been an up and down week for the most part. Work was one meeting after another, one of which was an off-site teambuilding activity that required a fair amount of walking, and I’m really the slow kid on the block. The relaxin has done a number on my hips (especially the right one) and so I vacillate between limping and waddling.

To add injury to insult, yesterday I slipped on a cat toy my indoor cat had left sit in the middle of a major household thoroughfare and faceplanted right into the middle of the dining room. Fortunately, my right arm took the brunt of the fall and is well-padded enough that I didn’t break anything nor did I jostle Bunky too much, but I lay there for a few minutes recovering my wits and dignity only to have Elder Son find me there and yelp, “Mom, are you ok?” Comedian that I am, I had trouble not coming back with something highly inappropriate such as “just enjoying the view from down here,” but was glad for his concern, which lasted for about an hour as I limped through the grocery store, patiently explaining to him that the limp had more to do with my loose hip joints than my little mishap.

But today, that arm is _sore,_ as if I’d spent most of yesterday working my right triceps out with 50 pound weights. So between that and the hip, my right side is practically out of commission today.

But Bunky remains active as ever, and is landing punches well above the belly button now. Less than four months until his due date–time is flying!

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