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Scary Monsters!

July 7, 2009

This just in from my husband, which made me laugh and is probably a good tip for anyone parenting the pre-school set. My stepdaughter is 10 now, and well past fearing monsters under the bed, but I hadn’t heard this anecdote about her wee youth before:

Remember when you were a frightened child and you’d sometimes call on your parents in the middle of the night to allay your fear of monsters under the bed? You might even have fond memories of your parent’s creative ways of dealing with these shadow monsters, they might’ve shouted them down and ordered them out of the house, or maybe they shone a flashlight to cause them to evaporate along with the rest of the darkness there. My favorite method of monster proofing when my own daughter was little was a goodly dose of “monster spray” which, incidently, left the dust bunnies smelling fresh and clean of potpourri.

How do you monster-proof, now that we’re about to go through this whole child-rearing thing again?

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