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I need new math

July 2, 2009

I don’t see working for AFCEA working out long-term, for no other reason than despite the flexibility offered… northern virginia daycare is too expensive (on the order of $300/week for full-time care) and if I can’t move to a full-time telecommute schedule I wind up in the untenable position of either being 60 miles away from the baby if something goes weird or having to juggle him between two different daycare providers. (I can’t flex up my telecommute schedule to care for baby and work at the same time, either: if I got caught, I’d get fired.)

Plain and simple: I am looking at a scenario wherein health insurance for one dependent, day care, and the mortgage — just those three things — are more than my take-home pay. And I’m the breadwinner of the family.

Now, yesterday I had a discussion with my boss and the editor-in-chief, and they are restructuring my position to be more strategy focused. It will yield a promotion of some kind, but it will be a while before I know whether there’s any sort of pay increase with that promotion. They have to be thinking about retaining me, but they also have to work within a budget. I suspect that the budget they submitted included a structure in which I’m a director. I don’t know what sort of pay goes with that level of work at our org. But that has to get approved.

I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom, focus on writing, and not find myself parked in these corners of anxiety.

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