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Weight watchering, pregnancy edition

June 9, 2009

Weight Watchers is pretty strict about one thing: If you’re pregnant, you can’t follow the program. So I resigned from it in March.

I didn’t gain any weight during my first trimester. That was good. But in the past month I’ve packed 10 pounds on. That wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t know in my heart of hearts that I’ve been binge eating the crappiest foods on the planet again.

I really, really suck, because I’m so committed to doing this healthily. But plain and simple, I know what poor nutrition did to my first pregnancy, and I will NOT let that happen again.

So I’m back on weight watchers. I’m just not following the plan. I need to track every single thing that crosses my lips or I fuck up. I need to be aware of how much those things that cross my lips “cost” me and I need to see it in print. If I follow the guidelines with my pregnancy nutrition checklist in hand (still trying to find a good one, but…) and ignore the “maximum points” thing, I’ll do better. And any time I have to keep a food diary, suddenly the bad foods just drop out of my vocabulary.

I tried doing this on livestrong but Weight Watchers actually has a better food database. One of the drawbacks to the Daily Plate is that you might have seven different versions of the same food product and they all vary wildly in their nutrition information.

I still have 22 weeks to go. generally, during this time, a woman should gain a pound a week until the last four weeks, at which time weight gain drops off a bit. So I can still do this in 20 pounds. And I will talk to my midwife about this at my next appointment, I promise.

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