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Belly up

May 27, 2009

The pains seem to have stopped within the past hour or so, finally, after making a brief "are you paying attention" cameo on the right side of my body (which was probably round ligament pain; the sensation isn’t overly dissimilar). They will probably image my ovaries at my next ultrasound just to see what it might have been–apparently, the corpus luteum that generates a lot of the hormones until the placenta fully develops sometimes doesn’t disintegrate properly, just as it sometimes doesn’t after a normal woman’s cycle. And I’m just getting to the point where the placenta is fully formed. It’s kind of neat, though: if that’s the case, then Bunky definitely came from the left ovary; not something that bears any significance other than the "oh neat" factor.

This is more neat, though. When I lie flat on my back, I can feel my uterus under my belly fat, and I can feel it, ever so slightly, shift as the baby moves, externally. Not quite the same thing as feeling the baby move internally, so I can’t call it quickening just yet, but it’s going to happen soon.

And I’m *really* excited about that. On one of my crying jags back when I thought I wasn’t going to have more children, I was so devastated that I wasn’t ever going to feel that sensation again. And now that I’m going to, I wish I could record the sensation in something more tactile. I remember the feeling distinctly with Kieran, but I don’t remember things like where I was, or how I reacted;  I wasn’t as good at chronicling things back then (and what journals I did keep were incredibly depressed-sounding, which fits, when you look at my marriage of that time).

And I look so cute in some of these maternity clothes I could just yarf. Who knew? Weird side effect I’m digging: the fact that my upper arms have lost 2 solid inches, most of which since getting pregnant.I still mostly need 1x shirts to accommodate their girth (which looks freakish compared to my relatively trim forearms), but I can wear a size "large" if the arms have a loose cut to them.

Anyhow, enough babble, I guess. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to take the rest of the internet personally, in fact more so lately. A lot of times my rambling (and tweet-rambling) is just me thinking aloud, getting the brain flotsam out so that I can process everything else more clearly. And too often I forget that my brain-dump sometimes causes consternation among friends, and they want to help, and I get irritated when they want to try. Where does that fall on the things-I’ve-done-and-left-undone spectrum?

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  1. May 27, 2009 5:12 am

    i have done some serious digging and unearthed the maternity clothing bounty. it is mostly black skirts, a few pairs of pants, and a ton of t’s, all the target stuff before it went liz lange and got tiny, and it wore like iron. i have a few dressy short black dresses, all tanks- it gets hot up here in minnesota dontcha know? and who knows what else. t’s are not white, but since we have similar coloring, i have a feeling the colors will work for you, and the price is right. want them?

    • May 27, 2009 5:16 am

      good lord, anything I could wear to work would be a blessing. I’ve done just fine in the leggings department because those are “in” right now, but skirts and pants that are work appropriate, less so.
      do you need addressy stuff?

  2. May 27, 2009 2:01 pm

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better today. I miss that baby movement too sometimes, and I know I will never experience it again, unfortunately. Enjoy it while you can. šŸ™‚

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