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May 25, 2009

I shouldn’t say I busted out the tape measure this morning, but I did, and now for a little bra-related TMI…

Been noticing my cups overflowing, and fully aware that I need new bras. But I also know that being only halfway through my fourth month, I’m probably going to need new bras about 10 times over for every size change I go through. But for some reason, I wasn’t expecting this much of a change. With Kieran, I never had boobs at all until I was about in my fifth month, when I surprised myself by becoming a 36C.

But by the time I was nursing, I was a 38EE. That only lasted as long as I was nursing, though.

So cue to this morning. I’ve been somewhere between a 36B and a 38C during most of my adult life. But realizing that none were fitting right, and the athletic bras I’d been counting on were actually uncomfortable, especially since they tended to redirect car seat belts around my neck, I measured everything again and calculated my new bra size to be 38E.

Um, if I’m almost to the size I was when I was nursing Kieran, and that seemed freakishly big at the time, what are they going to look like when Bunky shows up??!

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