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sleeping the mighty sleep

April 12, 2009

It’s pretty much a status quo thing at the moment. We told the in-laws over the weekend, and that went well. I told my ex-husband, and I think it went ok, but I’m aggravated that I don’t get to claim Kieran this year in spite of having him, once you count the calendar days, more than half the year. but he did tell me that they are going to pay me $200 a month in support and continue to pay Kieran’s phone bill. I just wish they had included me on this conversation that he and Dawn had. But I’ll get him for the next two years, at least.

He congratulated me on our forthcoming arrival but seemed to look at Kieran like, “are you sure you want to do this now?” And that’s a conversation that Kieran and I have already had. So I guess we’re even on making life decisions without consulting the other now; the only difference is that mine doesn’t really affect George at all. I’m so glad that we only have two more years of this bullshit at which time Kieran becomes a free agent. But George did say, somewhat ominously, and I’m not sure whether he said this to me or to Kieran, “We’ll talk more about this.” There’s really not room for negotiation on this, George. He’s been railroading Kieran to a dead-end and I have made clear that Kieran’s first priority with me will not be child care: it will be succeeding in school. That was a dig at all the times they’ve relied on him for child care for his other half sibling.

But the good thing is that it should be a non-issue. My father-in-law has already promised that he will help with getting Bunky from day-care on days when it’s difficult for me to get back by closing, and with that worry off my mind, that’s one more thing that will allow me to go back to work on similar terms to what I have now: I only drive into the office 5 days of every 10, and I think that will make much of the stress easier to deal with.

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