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April 5, 2009

While getting dressed for palm sunday this morning, I noticed that my upper arms were visibly thinner, so I got out the tape measure. Then out of curiosity I measured my thighs, too. Both were down an inch each, and those four inches have landed on my chest and belly, with the end result being that I am already looking a bit pregnant at 9 weeks. Maybe we should tell the in-laws sooner than planned, since Dennis is over here fairly often.

I also need to make sure the next time I’m at the doctor they re-measure my height. I noticed on the form they filled out at my intake appt. that they said my BMI was 31, then I looked again and noticed she’d under-reported my height by an inch. I really don’t think *that’s* being redistributed, and i know how tall I was at my physical in February.

Because I worked so hard to get my BMI under 30, dammit. And even now at 9 weeks I’m _still_ at 29.5 and proud of it.

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