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Blood sugar crankiness last night?

March 31, 2009

[cross-posting to my binge-eating blog, for those of you that read both]

This morning, I actually made my 25 lb. lost goal. It’s normal to not gain weight during the first trimester, and I’m actually heartened to know that I’m doing some things right, because I tend to think that by ending my binge-eating tendencies I will lose weight regardless of what state I’m in. Yesterday sucked, foodwise, though. I was ravenous on the way home and had nothing to nosh on, so I fell down the rabbit hole and hit a drive-through. Big mistake. By the time I got home, I felt heavy and stupor-ish as if I’d been run over; I felt overfull and lethargic and exhausted. It kind of blows my mind that I used to eat that kind of crap all the time–sometimes more than once a day, and sometimes more than one meal at a time.

But I stood on the scale after my shower and it very cheerfully told me that I weigh 190 lbs. When Dean and I got married, I weighed about 220, and on the day I made a decision to stop the insanity, as Susan Powter used to say, I weighed 215; that was around my birthday.

Now I don’t need to diet, and I’m maintaining beautifully in spite of slip-ups like last night. It’s nice to have freedom to eat, but I absolutely cannot regress to binge girl.

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