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Shiny Happy Springtime

March 17, 2009

I know the moment it crossed 50 degrees outside because I finally stopped shivering. I’m having a hell of a time staying warm. My body temperature, generally, is two full degrees lower than most people’s. In fact, I tracked my body temperature for a full year while I was learning NFP, so I know it’s always 96.5 before ovulation, and 97.5 after, on average. Part of the reason I didn’t realize I was pregnant is that I never had the temperature spike, and in fact it wasn’t apparent until after I had figured out I was pregnant. Honestly, I have never had such a subtle, sneaky ovulation, and I’m convinced that Bunky is always going to be sneaky this way.

At any rate, after three days of feeling queasy, today I feel much better. Which has probably led to me eating a bit much, but I won’t make a habit of that. I just wanted to celebrate being able to eat after three days of yuck.

Not holding my breath that I will be as lucky as I was with my first, where I only got sick twice and the nausea was minimal.

Also, if the words prego or preggers ever escape my fingertips in this pregnancy (other than in the context of pasta), please just put all of us down.

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