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A Rocky Beginning

March 11, 2009

About half of all pregnancies are unplanned. That doesn’t mean they are all crisis pregnancies. That doesn’t mean it only happens to teenagers, or unwed women, or to people who for goodness knows what reason don’t understand what’s involved in making babies and “dammit, you made the choice, now live with the consequences!”

It does mean that some women are going to feel conflicted about their pregnancies, whether because their partners aren’t supportive, or because it wasn’t on the financial road map, or because the house isn’t big enough and there’s no hope of selling in this market, or because there is a significant age gap between existing children and the new addition, or a host of other reasons–all of which kind of apply to me at the moment.

This is not a crisis pregnancy. It is, however, an honest pregnancy.

And, no matter how conflicted or agitated I sometimes sound, a loving one.

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